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We are not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. Our technicians specialize in dishwashers and carry a stockpile of parts thus providing you with a quicker service and  saving you money and time in the long run. As over 95% of our jobs are done between ¼ – ½ hr we believe our rates offer value for money.

Why do you charge a callout fee?

Callout fees exist in some industries and often frustrate the client. Please remember that the callout fee is how the company survives to provide this service. Taking into account you have a specialist in the field that brings a stocked vehicle to your house and that over 95% of our jobs take between ¼ – ½ hr; the callout charge is quite a reasonable fee.

Will the technician have the part with him?

We try to carry as many parts in our vans as possible to prevent return calls that inconvenience both parties.

Our technicians will read through their jobs the day prior and stock more specific and appropriate parts if required. The more info you give us on the phone the better we can be organized.

With the amount of brands available and release of new models it is not always the case to have all parts.

Low demand parts (ie. electronics for a specific rare machine) will not always be in stock and may have to be ordered.

Please note: Sometimes customers will try to diagnose their own machine and ask for us to bring out expensive rare parts; quiet often these diagnosis are incorrect. In these cases if the parts are in stock the technician will bring them; however, no parts will be specifically ordered prior to the technician diagnosing the fault correctly. In the case that a technician must return no additional callout fee is charged.

Do I pay a second callout fee if you do not have the part with you?

No. If we do not have the particular part required for your machine you will not be charged for any extra costs to obtain that part and return and fit.

How long is your warrantee on your repair work?

Our work is covered with a 12 month warrantee.

Is it worth repairing?

Generally if this is your enquiry it is likely that it is still worth repairing.

If you’re unsure we recommend that you take a look at the general condition of the machine and estimate if it looks too tired or worn and requires other work

Look at:

  • Filters – are they cracked, brittle and falling apart?
  • Seals – are they split and coming away?
  • Detergent dispenser – is the lid still firmly attached, does it still work?
  • Door – does the door still close properly, is the panel all brittle, cracked and falling?

Even if you have these problems you may want to repair just the basics to keep it functioning. Simply ask the technician for his advice for your particular situation and he will be able to assist.

If you’re convinced it’s not worth repairing you may want to look at our sales section.

Do I pay a call fee if it’s not worth repairing?

Unfortunately sometimes it is uneconomical to repair a unit. If this is the case the technician will generally be able to diagnose and make this assessment in the first 15min and thus the callout fee only applies.

However, don’t waste the opportunity to take advantage of the technician’s knowledge of new units. Taking into account your individual situation (dimensions, kitchen type, usage, drill points, etc) you can be advised on the “Best Dishwasher for You”. He has the ability to organize a new unit to be supplied and installed with-in 1-2 working days.

What is a “Standard Warranty Installation?”

We are licensed for dishwasher installations making sure your warranty does not become null and void. Standard Waranty Installation” includes drilling/redrilling cupboard holes in the correct areas, removal of existing unit if applicable, cleaning out recess area, connection of standard hose/power cord lengths between connections and unit, levelling for best fit and fixing built in units to recess space. This may sound all to easy but 90% of warranty enquiries in the first year are due to poor installation; thus costing you the customer as it will not be covered under warrantee.

How long before I can get a technician out?

Providing you are flexible it generally takes 1-3 working days.

What time will they be here?

Most appointments come with a 3 hour window. The reason for this is that driving distances, logistics and job types though out the day. If you find that it is still difficult to book in a job consider the following alternatives:

  • Request a prior call so that it gives you time to get home and meet the technician on site. Please note: if you request a prior call you must answer your phone as the technician will assume you are not home and not contactable.
  • Leave a key with a neighbour or nearby friend. All of our technicians have been police cleared and realize the importance of their work and reputation. In 31 years of business we have had a perfect track record for honesty and integrity. Please note we will require your credit card details at the end of the job so payment can be processed.
  • Request a first job of the morning. Most but not all Perth metro areas can request a first job of the morning. These appointments are usually the first to go so you may have to wait a few days for availability.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, cheque, eftpos, credit card (1% surcharge on credit cards).

Corporate businesses, Real Estate and Property Managers can be allocated a 30 day account.

Can I Claim it on Insurance?

There are generally 3 areas which may be covered by your insurance.

  •     Motor Fusion
  •     Power surge (some insurance company will ask you to seek compensation from western power)
  •     Accidental Damage (ie falling on the door)

Each insurance company has different policies in place and different levels of insurances are available; so be sure to check with your insurance company first. We can only write a report and offer the facts. We do not get involved with payments made from the insurance company and yourself. Our work contract is in place with the property owner and the property owner is responsible for any payments to be made.